Reasons To Clean

(a list, with footnotes)

1) To be a better writer.[1]

2) To have a place to set my chocolate and tea while I write.[6]


1. See: Numerous studies, or at least theories, that many creative ideas occur to one’s self while in the shower, driving, or cleaning. I already take a shower every day. I rarely drive. Therefore: cleaning is a variable over which I can take more control.[2]

2. Note to Self: Reason to have a laptop: So I can move it from place to place, and write while I clean.[3]

3. Note to Self (b): Stay off the internet. Reason: So I can write. And clean.[4]

4. Note to Self (c): Listen to music. Reason: To inspire cleaning. And writing.[5]

5. Note to Self (d): Don’t get so caught up in music that you forget about Reason to Clean #2. If you’ve forgotten about Reason #2, go read it now.

6. Note to Self (e): Reasons to have chocolate and tea: To inspire poetry. And art.[7]

7. Note to Self (f) : Reasons to make art: To give myself something to clean up when the time comes.[8]

8. Note to Self (g): Reasons to have something to clean: [See above.]


11 thoughts on “Reasons To Clean

  1. In addition to everything you note, my personal experience is that I write more productively when my living environment is clean and well-ordered. This knowledge is not as effective as it should be, however, in getting me to clean.

  2. If you’re having trouble staying off the internet, you can get plugins for your internet browser to block certain sites after X number of minutes. I found myself shitting around at work too much, so I set a 5 minute a day time limit (while at work) for Facebook, IMDB, etc.

    • Hey Ben, I’ve heard about those, and have looked into them, but never actually used them. Perhaps it’s time to give it a try. Do you have a favorite plug-in to recommend?

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