in the midst of it all

Sometimes life is so beautiful and discouraging and surprising and confusing and hopeful and intriguing and even mundane,

and it sends you sickness and health and laughter and loss and bills and errands and journeys and questions and people that can’t be shelved right at the moment.

And you need to immerse yourself in everything that is right in front of you

because it’s there

because the moments are passing

because life says, “Let’s wrestle!” and so you do.

And in those times, blog posts – and even Facebook updates – are rare and slow in coming.

But it isn’t because there is nothing to say; it’s because there is so much, and you just have to live in it for a while until the words come.

I will be back at this more regularly very soon. I promise.


2 thoughts on “in the midst of it all

    • Yeah, okay, so “soon” is a relative term, right? How about by Monday? I need a deadline. Life is too engaging right now. It’s a problem.

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