photo dream

Some mornings, I wake up early. So early that I feel like I really shouldn’t get up yet, even though I feel awake. So I drift back to sleep, and then wake up three hours later – later than I wish, groggy, confused, and slightly irritated.

Those are the mornings I have some of the strangest, most liminal dreams.

Yesterday morning was one of those times. In my dream, I was with a large group of people. Many of them were in business suits. As a group, we were almost motionless because we were waiting for someone to take our picture. I can still see it: a huge group of people, patiently waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Like we were already in a picture, but with tiny little waiting moments here and there: A shuffle. A shift. Twitching. A glance. Some laughter.

Some people had gone out for snacks and returned. Others had gotten there late, and slipped into the group wherever they could find a spot. At some point, someone asked how long we had been waiting. Someone else answered that it had been over an hour. People were getting tired.

And then my phone rang, and I woke up.

And as I had a somewhat groggy phone conversation, I was still mulling over that long sense of waiting. I felt like I had been waiting with that group from the time I had first woken several hours before until I woke up this second time.

And then I thought: perhaps the “photo” we were all waiting for was me waking up. When I woke up, the camera snapped, a flash went off, and everything leapt back into motion, in color. Alive.

I have heard that in dreams, the characters often are all various representations of ourselves. I’m not entirely sure I buy that, but I did think it might be an interesting idea with this dream.

Perhaps all my selves were waiting for “someone” to come take the photo. And all it took was for the photographer (also myself) to “wake up,” causing the photo to be taken, and life could move forward.

What if we’re all waiting around for some outside photographer to take our picture, and instead we just need to wake up?

Too obvious?


This morning’s dream was about riding a bike.



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