beginning to get lost (again)

I have begun dreaming about a new project. Not just dreaming, but taking small steps to see what happens. I talk about it every chance I get, and each time I learn something new. What is this project? I’m still figuring that out. I am articulating it into existence.*

It is something about home.

Something about traveling, moving, nomadicism – and something about settling and nesting. About finding home through movement rather than stillness.

It is about uprooting, and about digging in. It is about where we find our joy; where we are nourished.

It is something about being a bird vs. a plant. Being a vine vs. an oak tree. Being a dolphin vs. a crab.

It is about waves and tides.

It is about that feeling of your ribs expanding into a full breath all at once because suddenly, you know you are HERE.

You are home.

(Where is “here?” Where is “home?”)

It is also about you. And me.

It is about that place where you and I overlap.

There is me, and there is you, and I want to come find you, in your place(s), to find the things we weave together.

It is about words like VISCERAL, SENSUAL, PRESENT.

And also about LISTENING.

It is about the body.

It is about geography of the soul.

It is about getting lost. But then again, it’s always about getting lost.

It is about leaving and returning.

It is about questions – mine, and yours. Let’s ask each other questions.

Let’s take pictures for each other, of each other, in the world where you live, whether that is your home or not, and I’ll show you pictures of where I’ve been.

Maybe these pictures are in words.

Let’s write everything we want to, and nothing that is boring.

This is also a question of artistic home. Or are there only artistic journeys?

Maybe we will make a dance. Maybe our dance will be in words, too. And pictures. And half-eaten cupcakes with a side of whiskey.

This is about attraction and distraction, movement and stillness, collecting and dispersing.

This is a quest.

I am traveling home.

I am drawing the map as I go.


*Thanks for the terminology, Anne Bogart.


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