make a map with me

Make a map with me.

Let’s draw the red lines in first,
winding over each others’ forearms and
through each others’ hair,
looking for treasure and vistas.

I’ll ask you questions, and your answers
can guide me along the rivers you see.
I’ll mark their flow as best I can.

You can tell me where to draw your
picnic areas, the rest stops.
I’ll dot green paths along our
scenic views, so we can
take it more slowly next time we
pass through, maybe even
and look around.

And you can run your fingers over my
state parks, the national forests, the prairies.
We’ll have to zoom in a little closer to see
the campgrounds, and where we should
watch for bears.

We know there are oceans.
There will probably be canyons.
We can shade them in as we go.

This isn’t fly-over country.
This is the heartland.
We have cities and bridges,
and coasts on all sides, expansive, with
borders to cross when we’re ready,
like Montana to Idaho,
a slight shift but no bump.
Just lines on a page.
Then more roads,
our roads,
the grays and the blues
winding together, past
more lakes,
more streams,
more monuments,
more everything.

Let’s map this place.

And then,
when we’re ready,
let’s drive.

wyoming 2


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