28 days of walking: day 8


A walk up some steps and down some steps to a delicious lunch spot for chicken curry and a discussion with two of my favorite people about borderlands and immigration/refugees/undocumented workers and the many movements and stories embodied by these workers, and plotting collaborative projects that would get people talking to each other and learning beyond their own (my own, too) mental borders. And also, stories about daughters and grandchildren and wanting to protect people we love from pain while also witnessing the joy in their lives.

A walk up some steps and then up some more steps for double shots of espresso mixed with two shots of sugar, drunk on a porch in the lightly humid but bearable air, and talk about Derrida and desire and mirages, and laughter, and more plotting about classes and interview projects and responding to the students in the room, rather than just testingtestingtesting.

A walk into a house I have known most of my life for dinner with my parents, who are celebrating their 49th anniversary tomorrow (June 25). Two wonderful people who I am lucky to call Mom and Dad. Congratulations to these two. They’re pretty great people.

A walk into another house, a mile away, where a friend is sorting through her now passed-away mothers’ belongings – the personal and quirky and well-maintained objects of one particular life. And conversation about wanting to maintain a home even while on the road, and musing about how to maybe do that in an old mini-RV, devoid of everything except what brings comfort and joy.

A walk of three blocks to laughter and spirited sharing of the days’ events with someone I love, intermixed with righteous indignation at the injustice a good friend faced today. Sitting with this friend once he arrived to join us, sharing bourbon and encouragement and the simplicity of shared company.

night houseAnd, finally, at day’s end, another walk of three blocks back, under the stars, feeling lucky and loved and glad I was here, in this place, at this time, today.

These short walks of daily life, of up and then down and then over and then back, being present with the people around me, moving from space to space with my feet.

Walking is just putting one foot in front of the other. And for today, that was walking enough.



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