28 days of walking: day 12

cabbageThe car gunned its engine, careening around another car that was turning left about 300 feet ahead of me, swerving first into the oncoming traffic lane, then overcorrecting and swerving towards me in the pedestrian/bike lane. Startled and afraid, I jumped up into the grassy incline at the side of the road and raised my hands in a “What are you doing?!” gesture.

The driver of the car was so angered, apparently, by my leap to safety, that she flipped me off – not just as a quick, reactionary response out her window as she sped by, but after she passed I turned to see her middle finger continuing to defiantly rise out of her car roof window and up to the sky for at least the next block and a half. Her hand, her finger, a proclamation just for me, for my offense to her need to get somewhere very, very quickly – my offense, apparently, of walking, of being startled, and perhaps, of just being in her line of vision and reminding her that there are at least a few other people out here in the world besides herself.

I didn’t feel like I needed to watch her drive any further, so I turned and kept walking the way I had been going, relieved that we were all still alive (drivers of other cars, myself, and yes, even the angry driver herself), and also grateful that I don’t need to go through life as angry as she was. I wondered how her anger might ratchet up even more when she realized that about another block down a stopped train was blocking the road, where she would have to – horrors! – wait on someone else’s schedule.

So that happened on my walk today, in case you, dear reader, were thinking that my walks are all fun and pleasantries. But then my walk took me to my garden, which really was so pleasant I almost forgot about my scary and unfortunate near-run-in with an aggressive driver.

If I were the type to quote bible verses, the one that would come to me today would be “Consider the lilies.” Or perhaps, paraphrased, “Consider the cabbages.” (I will admit that I wish the driver of that car would consider more cabbages. Or lilies. Or anything other than herself, really.)

Because really. Consider the cabbages. And the tomatoes. And the sweet peas. The squash and nasturtiums. They all have it pretty good.

And if they have it good and all they do is sit there, in the middle of whatever weather hits them each day – torrents of rain, or scalding sun, or wind rushing around them like an angry driver, then I must have it pretty good too. ‘Cause I’ve got cabbages to consider, and cabbages are pretty darn cool.

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