28 days of walking: day 14

stormy treePractical walking this day. It was all I could do to keep up.

A lot of muggy air. A lot of stairs. A lot of back and forth.

Signed some papers that apparently were supposed to be signed a couple of days ago for an upcoming job. Walked to a meeting an hour early in that muggy, hot air.

Walked again quickly back home: packing, organizing, emailing, notes. Then back to the meeting at the correct time, followed by another.

Heat. Draining. But it was a day to get things done, and I did that (mostly) on foot.

Both meetings were important, both for long-term planning about things I care deeply about. I am not a person who loves meetings, but these were meetings I wanted to do well. And of course, the day before leaving for a journey is the best time to have those meetings, why not?

So I walked to get places. Walked and looked, and aware that I was walking, but as I walked I also ran through my list of things yet to buy for traveling, people yet to contact, logistics to be finalized.

A long day. Up late. Danger of a storm, although I didn’t quite believe it.

Just before I finished writing this post last night, sirens began blaring. Tornado warning at 12:30 a.m., approaching quickly. I did not stop to think or finish or wrap this up tidily. All writing ended abruptly, and I shut down my computer and walked downstairs.


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