28 days of walking: day 15

Travel Day. Left the remains of a violent storm from the night before in one place that is my home (uprooted 200-year-old trees, crushed garages and windshields, downed power lines, and a big ol’ mess for some neighborhoods) to take myself across the country to another place that is my home (mountains, the Columbia River, an expanse that always leaves me full of breath).

Two cars, two airplanes, a train, and walkingwalkingwalking got me there.

A walk down Michigan Avenue, Chicago (another home), on the day the US played Belgium in the World Cup.

A walk through Midway Airport, with high orange beams and colorful murals.

in flight

After one flight, a walk through Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport, a wide loop I took by accident, trying to get to my gate quickly. A sign promoted walking in the airport: “If you have some time, take this route and you’ll walk about a mile,” is what I think it said – although I was walking too quickly to take time to really read a sign about walking.

An airport with windows and winding terminals, and people crowded around screens in solidarity. I didn’t need to worry about rushing, though. A slight delay (suspiciously just long enough) got us all to the end of the game before we somberly boarded and headed west.

In flight again, a view of land I drove more slowly last year – mountains that say “home,” coming closer and closer.

Then a walk through the Portland airport, a place I know well.

And then into someone else’s home, with an amazing meal served by generous hosts, and then bed, sweet bed, in another corner of this wondrous country.portland


2 thoughts on “28 days of walking: day 15

  1. I found this interesting–especially since I just got home from yoga where “mindfulness” was emphasized. You were “mindful” in your traveling and said it well. The photos are beautiful.

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