learning to perch

IMG_7691 small size

Today I sit in the sun,
with the winds of my heart.

A hawk circles above.
Thoughts fly in.

A feral cat prowls below.
Thoughts fly out.

Birds do their feeder dance.

One flies in.
One moves over.
One waits on a branch.

If I can sit,
feeling the sun,
allowing the wind,
one will stay longer
another will return.

One flies in,
The black cat prowls.

One flies out,
A hawk circles, hungry.

A stuck bird is a dead bird.

If I pin them down, they die.

The thoughts,
The birds.

One waits patiently
tapping its little foot
cocking its little head
ready to fly in — when it’s time
ready to fly out — when it’s time.

One returns
Another makes room
The third will find its place —

When it’s time.





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