why you didn’t kiss me

In my dream, you were a terrible kisser
which is why you didn’t
kiss me.

You didn’t want me to find out that
you were a terrible kisser.

But then you kissed me anyway,
and I found out.

I kissed you back and
you were a terrible kisser
but I pretended you weren’t.

You kissed with your mouth closed
so I couldn’t smell the smoke
on your breath.

You kissed with your mouth closed,
not really a kiss at all.

You wanted to kiss me
but you didn’t want to feel me
kissing you back.

You pushed me behind a counter and
made me hide from your mother
who loves you so much
and came to make you food.

And you pushed your son down a slide
that landed him in the street
which you discovered by trying the slide
yourself and landing
in the street.

So you understood why the slide was bad,
which was good to understand even though
you don’t have a son.

In my dream you kissed me
and I wanted you to kiss me
but not like that
with your mouth closed,
with your self closed.

(Except for the small moment you
kissed me
on my neck,
that tiny moment,
that was good,
you should do that.)

You hid me from your mother,
but your daughter and son
(your non-existent son,
your invisible son,
followed me from room to room,
wanting something.

So I gave your daughter and son candy
while you were sliding slides and
landing in streets
and didn’t see what
we were doing.

Your kids liked the candy better
than landing in streets.

In my dream you didn’t kiss me,
because you were a terrible kisser.

And then you kissed me anyway
and I understood.



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