handmade angelIn this angel, I see reflected the faces of the five women and one man I met yesterday from Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and El Salvador.

They are fleeing domestic violence, trafficking, drug cartels, and forced marriage. They are kept from their children (they all have children) and other family members; kept indefinitely in a detention center where the food is terrible, the air is freezing, and the walls are thick; where they are put in solitary confinement if they cry and show signs of depression (solitary confinement as a fix for depression?!); where they try to represent themselves in perfunctory hearings, pleading their own cases without lawyers, filing legal documents they had to create themselves; kept in facilities that want them to stay as long as possible because they are run by large corporations that make money for every bed filled each day – a lot of money, that you and I pay for with our taxes.

There were tears, there were smiles, there were handshakes, there were hugs.

This angel was made and given to me by one of the angels who visits this facility regularly. I felt blessed to be there even just one day, and I say this:

We need a lot of angels, folks. We need a lot of angels.


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