a moment


This moment is just a moment.

One of many strung together.

Sometimes we look too far into the future, sometimes we hang on too hard to the past.

Sometimes we are too good at being present. 

This present moment is a bead on a string, it is not the entire string.

There will be another bead, and another. There will be another dream, another disappointment; another love, another heartbreak. And then another love and another dream, again.

Moments we don’t see coming, that shake us up, wake us up, the next beads on the string.

There will be another deep well of joy. There will be another missed opportunity, and then another opportunity. The best we can do is to not miss that one.

Or this one.

This moment might hold fear, but there is ground beneath our feet.

This moment might hold the ache of loss, but it is not the end.

Even death is not the end, not for everyone.

This moment holds hope, because it is a moment.

There are losses and fears and hopes and loves, each a bead on the string, and we will go on (or not), and the string will be beaded one bead at a time (until it’s done), and if we can keep breathing we can find the next bead.

This moment is just a moment.

And this one…

And this one…



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