dreaming big

I want to be a superhero.

There. I said it.

I’ve created two theatre shows based on this desire, and I know that part of it is that I just like wearing the boots, swinging around on ropes/scaffolding, and startling everyone with my voice coming out of nowhere, or a fake gun that I’m not going to use. I mean, really, who doesn’t like those things?

Okay, so in one of those shows, I was a superhero who was torn between wanting to save the world and wanting to serve the world.

And in the other, I was a superhero who didn’t really want to be a superhero. She really just wanted everyone to leave her in peace so she could focus on being a punk rock star. In that one I had almost as much fun playing her twin sister, the supposedly evil villain.

Obviously, I have some ambivalence around the whole issue of being a hero.

But that doesn’t negate the fact that I like swooping in and saving people, at least in my fantasies.

Problem is, people don’t always want to be saved. And it’s pretty egotistical of me to think that a) that’s what they want, and b) I’m the one to do it.

On the other hand, large dreams propel us forward and energize us.

I’ve been toying with ideas for another show that explores these themes of rocking out while also saving the world – along with a complementary/conflicting desire to be useful (more on that topic in a future post). Perhaps these dreams are best played out on a stage, in good fun.

For now, here’s to large dreams. And saving the world, at least in those dreams.

And boots. Boots make anything seem possible.


4 thoughts on “dreaming big

  1. I began playing guitar at age 17 because I was quite convinced that rocking out and saving the world weren’t separate things at all.

    Granted, the boots I wore back then may have played a role in that.

      • I completely agree! At 6’2, I’m sure I looked ridiculous in them — short black suede leather, cuban heels — but they definitely made the young-adult me feel like a superhero/rock star.

        And just thinking about those boots makes me wonder if I don’t still have them stashed in some long-unexamined box, because even now I can’t imagine summoning up the will to throw them out.

      • P.S. You look very much the rock star in that pic with the guitar. Wish I’d seen that show!

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